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Directors Message Gaining knowledge inside the classroom is only a small part of a child’s education. The true aim of learning is to develop the character, individuality, and will of a child.  It is also to enrich his/her mind and soul and to engender confidence, independence, and critical thinking.  S. R. Public School views students as multifaceted and provides world-class opportunities to expand their horizons, challenge their perspectives, and discover their own unique potential. 
Two major facets of learning are emphasized in our institution.  The first is teaching students to apply their knowledge in the real world.  The second is empowering students to be responsible, valuable citizens of our country. One aspect teaches students how to make a living; the other, how to live. Our vision is to contribute a new generation of thinkers to society who stand out among the rest.  They will be leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who express their thoughts and creativity sensibly and with fervour.  They will make informed career choices and be decisive, productive members of their communities and workplaces.  I firmly believe the only thing that can never be stolen from us is our education. 
It remains a part of us through thick and thin.  It carves pathways along our journey that are often unexpected.  As our students grow with us, they will meet the challenges life brings them beyond these walls with greater awareness and determine the stride that best suits their many paths.
Mr. Ankit Rathi


S.R. Public Sr. Sec. School
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