Student Welfare

Personal Development
SRPS focuses equally on personal and spiritual growth of students apart from their growth in academics. 
We understand that to ensure the youth of this country as mature and responsible beings, we need to start guiding and moulding them right from early childhood.
The Code of Conduct
The code of conduct is a set of rules to be adhered to by students to ensure their maximum growth and proper functioning of the school.
Peer Assistance Learning
Peer-to-Peer learning is the best way to learn. The school provides this platform to students. Students get familiar with broader ways to learn new concepts. Senior students provide their guidance and share their experiences with new students in learning new concepts.
Respect for Diversity
SRPS has great respect for diversity. Students come to our school from different regions, follow different religions and cultures, have different beliefs and speak different languages.
The school allows complete freedom to students to follow their culture, religions and beliefs.
Civic Responsibility
Understanding of our civic responsibility plays a very important part in shaping our students into responsible citizens of the country.
SRPS encourages students to be more responsible, right from following traffic rules to be aware about their fundamental rights and duties as Indian Citizens. 
The School encourages active participation of students in team activities, form debates and teaches them to respect others views to find a logical solution to conflicts.
Assessments and Counselling
Academic checks are made for each student on a monthly basis. Also the weekly tests and terminal exams make learning disciplined and orderly.
SRPS has a very safe and open environment wherein a student can approach anyone and share his/her concerns without the fear of being judged. 
Regular individual counselling is given by the Principal and the Director to improve the performance of students.
Special counselling sessions are held for Class IX and X by team of IITians.
The School tries to make students aware of different career paths so that they can make well-informed choices instead of following the crowd.
Professionals from diverse backgrounds are called upon and interactive seminars are organized.  


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