The School System

The House System
The school has four houses that depict the true Indian ethics. The four houses of the school are named after mountain ranges of India. These are as follows-

  • Aravali House 
  • Nilgiri House 
  • Himalaya House 
  • Shivalik House

These houses have various competitions to foster a spirit of willingness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. An investiture ceremony is held at the beginning of each year to honour the Head Boy and the Head Girl and captains and vice captains of the four houses.

The Mentor System
SRPS appoints academic mentors who are there to see every individual's continuous development and growth. They will also be a counsellor and a guide to each individual student.

The Prefectural System
In each house there are 20 prefects who monitor the discipline of the floors.

The Monitoring System
In each class and section there are monitors and class representatives who monitor the discipline and represent the class.


The Pedagogy System
Our academic faculty is chosen from amongst the best in the academic qualification with an impeccable academic record.

Student Council
SRPS has a student council that is owned and run by students (Head Boy/Head Girl, Prefects of different houses) to manage student affairs. This acts as a platform for students to express their creative ideas. These ideas are taken into account for the development of the students and the school.

SRPS Students Council (2018-19)

Parent – Teacher Interaction
SRPS invites parents for parent-teacher meeting at the end of each month to improve the performance of students.
Workshops for parents are organized to include parents in their child’s learning process.

CBSE Mandatory Disclosure

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