Maths Week

In order create interest of the students towards the subject, Maths Week was celebrated in the school where different activities were undertaken. In this reference both primary and senior wing students’ show cased a lot of mathematics tricks. The Principal, Ms. Seema Sharma appreciated the efforts of the participants and encouraged them to take part in all sort of activities conducted in days to come.

Day 1:
The School has set the benchmark for conducting activities in such a way that the students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. With the same perspective in view, the first event organized was “SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY” (Quiz) on the First Day of Maths Week for juniors and seniors. The list of winners is given below:

Juniors:  Seniors: 
1). Bhaskar Prajapati (II-A)  1). Bhawna Baswal (VI-B)
2).  Prateek Bansal (II-B)  2). Prerna (VII-B)
3). Jai Kumar (IV-D)  3). Divya Meena (VIII-B)
4). Pintu Kumar (V-D)  4). Bharat Meghwal (IX-B)

Shalu Yadav bagged the surprise prize among the audience.                                                                                            

Day 2:

SRPS students continued learning with fun during second event “COUNTING THE FRAME” (ABACUS) on the second day of Maths Week for Juniors and Seniors. The list of winners is as follows:

Juniors: Seniors:
1). Nandini (III-A) 1). Shubham Jain (VI-A)
2). Nawaz (III-C) 2). Anshul Rathore (VI-B)
3). Abhay (IV-B) 3). Anjali Arya (VII-B)
4). Somya(V- A) 4). Shraddha Sharma (VIII-B)

SRPS Students learnt with Fun during “Amazing Maths Games” on the 3rd Day of Maths Week for Juniors and Seniors. The winners are as follows:


Day 3:

Juniors: Seniors:            
1). Manisha (III-A) 1). Deepak (VI-A)
2). Vedant (IV-A) 2). Kashish Nagar (VIII-A)
3). Navya (II-A) 3). Prince (VIII-A)
4). Amit (III-A) 4). Minal Patel (VII-A)

Day 4:

SRPS students enthusiastically participated during the event 'NUMBER SYSTEM' on the fourth day of Maths Week for Seniors and Juniors. The winners are:

Juniors: Seniors:
1). Divya Tank (IV-C) 1). Harshit Goyal (VI-A)
2). Anushka Rathore (III-B) 2). Keshav Brahmbhatt (VII-A)
3). Farhan Uddin Sheikh (V-C) 3). Preetam Gujjar (VIII-A)
4). Utkarsh Pandey  (II-C) 4). Nirjra (IX-B)

SRPS Students Participated during the 5th Event 'Make a Line Geometric' on the Fifth day of Maths Week for Juniors and Seniors. Winners are as follows:

Day 5: 

Juniors: Seniors:
1). Suransh (IV-B) 1). Divyanshi Rathore (VI-B)
2). Misti (V-B) 2). Aparna (VII-B)
3). Aman (II-B) 3). Rohitesh Dhaked (VIII-B)
4). Aadarsh (III-B) 4). Jatin (IX-B)


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