Principal's Message

Directors Message A student’s identity is not limited to who he or she is as a learner.  Every student exists beyond the walls of the classroom and is an integral part of a larger community.  In the same regard, learning and the application of knowledge are not confined to books and exams alone.  We at S. R. Public School recognize that education plays an important role in enabling an individual to face real-life situations.  Along with meaningful academic support, our institution strives to guide students in discovering the best uses of their personalities, surroundings, and circumstances to fulfil personal aspirations and emerge as contributing members of society.

As a learning community, we share a vision that exceeds the physical boundaries of our school and the temporal boundaries of the present.  This vision requires that we treat students holistically by instilling the values of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  We encourage discipline to ensure that students recognize their self-worth and regard themselves and others with due respect.  The importance of morality and culture needs to be emphasized to build a solid foundation of character fit for each student’s unique disposition.

The children who fill our classrooms now are the leaders and thinkers of the future.  It is our responsibility as teachers, mentors, parents, and administrators to consider the quality of support we currently provide to our children.  More importantly, it is imperative that we also reflect on the ways we can improve so that our students, and humanity at large, may flourish.


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