With increasing realization of the importance of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) on the parts of Parents, there is need of state-of-the-art play based schools where their child can develop in a stress free environment.

Our mission, thus, is to provide such developmental environment in which children may reach their maximum potential.


Aim of HM The Word Hakuna Matata means "No Worries".The playschool is based on the story of young cub, Simba who was taught life lessons by Timon & Pumba in a worry free environment. So our students are called Simbas and teachers are called Timon/Pumba.

The aim of the HM is to ignite a spark into every child to get into a self-learning, creative way of learning.

About Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a Play Group School Venture from InNeevEduventures. It is India’s 1st Playschool Chain setup and managed by a team of three young Edupreneurs from the Educational City – Kota.
This team of academicians envisioned a school that present an education system based on their collective 15 years of academic experience in India and Abroad.
Hakuna Matata is a NCERT framed ECCE (Early Childhood and Care Education) based play school concept credited with revolutionizing the concept of early childhood education by pioneering a vibrant and child-friendly system of learning.
We at Hakuna Matata take care of all these aspects of modern world, but at the same time also keep in mind the Indian values. Entire learning and development at the age level of 2 to 6 is the key for the whole life, at Hakuna Matata we encourage the young brains to explore the real work with all curiosity and creativity.


HM follows NCERT ECE’s (Early Childhood Education) concept amalgamated with Montessori Method.
The guiding principles of our curriculum are:

  • Play - as the basis of learning.
  • Art - as the basis of education.
  • Recognition of the special features of children's thinking.
  • Primacy of experience rather than expertise.
  • Experience of familiarity and challenges in everyday routine Mix of formal and informal interaction.
  • Blend of the textual (basic literacy and numeracy) and the cultural.
  • Use of local materials, arts, and knowledge.
  • Developmentally appropriate practice, flexibility, and plurality.
  • Health, well-being, and healthy habits

After extensive research our in-house designed curriculum helps child to learn without any worries.

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S.R. Public Sr. Sec. School
42, Large Scale Industrial area
Behind Dakaniya Railway Station
Kota (Raj.)
Ph. : 0744-2480878
E-mail : info@srpublicschool.edu.in