Our Inspiration

Our InspirationThe late Shri Shiv Ratan Rathi Ji was born in Srinagar, Ajmer as the grandson of Nagarseth Samwar Lal Rathi Ji.  From an early age, adversity was no stranger to him.  After losing both of his parents, he dutifully assumed the role of provider for his family.  Facing mounting debts, he daringly embarked on a new business venture and made a name for himself in the silver industry.  His good reputation and keen business sense held strong after moving to Kota in 1975, where he earned success and respect in the city’s Sarafa Market.
He was not only revered as a great business man, but also as a person of great moral character.  From free medical services and substantial charitable donations, to unfaltering support for literacy, he was a champion of giving to those in need.  In addition to these public works, he considered himself a bridge between almighty God and the destitute.  He used his divine beliefs and belief in himself to construct temples and organize religious festivals for everyone to enjoy.
Although he passed far too soon on November 30th, 1982, his legacy remains in the strong familial bonds he cultivated, in his unwavering philanthropy, and in his steadfast faith in God.  As the late Shri Shiv Ratan Rathi Ji’s honoured namesake, S. R. Public Sr. Sec. School upholds his humility, determination, and spirit of service in spreading the light of learning to society.  It stands as a perennial testament to the kindness of his heart, the discipline of his mind, and the love he had for his fellow man.

S.R. Public Sr. Sec. School
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